Supreme Court Suspends Farming Laws in India

Supreme Court Suspends India’s Contentious Farming Laws

By AFP News
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India’s top court suspended on Tuesday the implementation of new agriculture laws that have sparked weeks of demonstrations by tens of thousands of farmers outside New Delhi.

The Supreme Court said it wanted to facilitate mediation between the government and the protesting farmers who fear the legislation will leave them at the mercy of big business.

“We are going to suspend the implementation of the three farm laws until further orders,” Chief Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde said.

The court in Delhi added that it would form a committee of experts to try to resolve the protracted dispute, which has emerged as a major challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Every person who is genuinely interested in solving the problem is expected to go before the committee,” the court added.

“The committee will not punish you or pass any orders. It will submit a report to us.”

The committee would hold its first sitting within 10 days from Tuesday and would have to submit the report with recommendations within two months after that, the court said.

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