Asma Jahangir Lecture 2020 with Ayesha Siddiqa


Asma Jahangir Memorial Lecture 2020

Speaker: Ayesha Siddiqa

Blinded by Silence: Foreign and Security Policy Discourse in Pakistan

Ayesha Siddiqa, a known scholar on defense studies and Pakistan, spoke on “Blinded by Silence: Foreign and Security Policy Discourse in Pakistan” on August 26

South Asia Democracy Watch (SDW) offered the event as part of the Asma Jahangir Memorial Lecture in collaboration with Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC.  

In her lecture, Siddiqa argued that Pakistan, like the rest of the world, is confronted with increasingly toxic multipolarity that is imagined in the bipolar terms of the Cold War era. For Pakistan, China and Russia are the new power centers through which it hopes to engage and carve out its own space in South Asia and beyond.

However, she argued, Pakistan’s strategic thinking is constrained by historical and structural inadequacies that have contributed to a poverty of imagination. She also asserted that the country’s strategic community lacks alternative voices, which have been systemically crushed.


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