Mission Statement

South Asia Democracy Watch (SDW) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to monitor democratic systems and processes in South Asian Countries. It works to communicate research, data, and analyses to its U.S., global, and South Asian audiences.


South Asia Democracy Watch (SDW) will become an internationally recognized and impartial group to promote and nurture a culture of democracy and social equality in South Asian countries.


To monitor democratic processes and systems in Pakistan and South Asian countries.

To nurture a culture of democracy through educational, cultural, and literary programs and events.

To communicate democratic values in the region on social tolerance, freedom of expression, justice, fairness, and equality to a broader American, South Asian, and global audience through the modern channels of communication.

Organizational Functions

  1. To develop political leadership skills among men and women in South Asian countries through training programs and events.
  2. To empower people in urban and rural areas for active participation in the political process in the region through supporting, debating, and communicating democratic values.
  3. To identify government policies and events that hinder the political process in the region.
  4. To collect data and develop educational materials on the democratic process and system in the region and communicate them to the diaspora, people in the region, and the American leaders and audience.
  5. To monitor legislative developments in the region on the rights of women, religious and ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged segments of the society at large.
  6. To collaborate with opinion makers, think tanks, policy institutes, and media of communication in promoting SDW’s mission and objectives.